Staff training and development system in our company is based on modern educational technologies and advanced experience of Russian and foreign colleagues. For each employee there is personally defined system of seminars, trainings and other educational procedures depending on difficulty level and competence of the participant.

One of the main investments of Monitoring Express is input into the development of staff. Real profit is in fulfilled potential of team. Each employee gets an opportunity of professional growth and personal aims achievement. Assessment center develops individual educational plan and regularly holds assessments to determine the competence level of employees.

One of the educational technologies used is management duels. This is the method of V. Tarasov, director and founder of Tallin Managerís School. The company holds management duels championships annually.

For the last years Monitoring Express managers guided by leading Russian and foreign business-coaches took part in a number of educational events.

  • “Active Sales Technologies”, coach—V. Dudarev (2004);
  • “Strategic Management Of Business Unit”, coach—E. Zapolskaya (2005);
  • “Business Negotiations: Manipulation And Counter-Manipulation”, coach—V. Dudarev (2005);
  • “Customer Acquisition Techniques”, trainers-coaches—M. Gorbachev, D. Tkachenko (2006);
  • “Management Fight Skills. Management Duels”, coach—E. Zapolskaya (2006);
  • “Psychotechnology Of Effective Sales”, coach—E. Zapolskaya (2007);
  • “Selfmanagement”, coach—P. Erzyakin (2008);
  • “Building Of Sales System”, coach—K. Baksht (2008);
  • “Harsh Negotiations”, coach—V. Kozlov(2009);
  • “Selfmanagement”, coach — P. Erzyakin (2010);
  • “Presence”, coach — P. Erzyakin (2011);
  • “Motivation In Business Team Management”, coach — D. Nezhdanov (2012).

The employees are ready to contribute time and power into self development. The company is ready to contribute money.